Latin America represents the heart of a cultural and ethnic diversity. Within the 19 countries of Latin America there are political, economic, moral and ethical struggles.

But in the midst of existing crises, the Church of God has risen to defend life, care for orphans, train our future ministers.

In the midst of all the situations that could divide us, the church of God has found a way to establish Connection with God and with people to fulfill the great commission.

 QUITO, ECUADOR Within the heart of Quito is SEMISUD (South American Ministerial Seminary). This fully accredited Church of God institution has been educating ministers and leaders in South America since 1982 and is the central seminary in South America, educating, training, and raising up leaders for over 40 years! YWEA 2023 will provide resources for refurbishing current infrastructure, updating technology, equipping faculty and will also provide scholarships for ministry students from all over Latin America.

SANTA CRUZ, BOLIVIA The Haven of Hope orphanage located in Santa Cruz, Bolivia is rescuing and caring for orphans, as well as sexually and physically abused and abandoned children. While providing safety, peace, and hope for these precious children, they are also feeding, clothing, and educating them. Most importantly, they are teaching them the truth about Jesus and His wonderful plan for their lives. YWEA 2023 will provide a home for at-risk children and empower them to dream again.

NOVO HAMBURGO, BRAZIL Within the southern region of Brazil, YWEA 2023 will establish a ministry training center in Novo Hamburgo. This center will train ministers and leaders in Brazil for the expansion of the Kingdom and will send laborers into the harvest field. They will be trained and prepared to fulfill the great commission. On this same property, we will also be planting a life-giving church to reach the unchurched community, as well as helping to feed, clothe and serve the disenfranchised of the city.

GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA The Guatemalan Pentecostal Bible Seminary trains ministers to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ and in the power of the Holy Spirit. There are over 3,700 Church of God congregations in Guatemala that are being impacted by this ministry training center! In the last decade, over 14,000 leaders have been trained and sent out to fulfill the great commission. YWEA 2023 will assist them by updating their infrastructure, updating their technology for online studies, providing educational resources, and will also meet other needs within the seminary.

GUADALAJARA, MEXICO Tragically, the city of Guadalajara has the highest number of abortions in Latin America annually. One of the prongs of the YWEA 2023 project will support a prenatal care center for pregnant women. The Prenatal Care Center is strategically located in the heart of the city and is a place where low-income pregnant women, teens, and even preteens can be cared for with love and respect as well as given adequate follow-up. After delivery, this center also supports women and babies with food, clothing, and valuable training and will also connect them to a local Church of God congregation.