First off, thank you for your willingness to serve and impact the lives of our campers.

We understand that committing to serve at camp is not always easy.
You have other commitments; family, jobs, vacations and more.
Please know, your investment is not overlooked!

Let's jump right into our motto:
Camp is not about us but the campers.

-This means, you won't always get your way.
-Decisions will be made that you may not implement, agree with or like.
-You won't always be accommodated.
-This is a volunteer position.

Camp is vitally important to us. God has given us the opportunity to impact
thousands of campers lives each year.
Protection of our campers is at the utmost importance to us.
Therefore please acknowledge, decisions will be based
around protection, liabilities and safety of the campers.



- Must be at least 16 years old.
- Must be a regular attendee of your local church.
-Must be saved and preferably baptized in the Holy Spirit.
-High School students must attend their week of camp to be eligible to work other camps.
-Must submit the entire completed worker application.
-Must have a Pastor Recommendation (We will send to your pastor)


Due to limited space and to allow each staff member to fully devote their time and energy to their area of
responsibility, we are unable to provide a nursery or child care. Prior to your arrival at camp, please
make other arrangements for the care of your children.


While no one is rejected to work or attend Church of God Youth Camps on the basis of race, color, or creed, the State
Youth and Discipleship Director and State Youth and Discipleship Board does reserve the right to accept or reject
any application for volunteer work at Church of God Youth Camps after reviewing of application reveals that
the service of the applicant would or would not be int the best interest of the camp. 

Please pause and pray before continuing and ask yourself.
- Am I willing to put the interest of the campers first in every situation and circumstance?
-Am I willing to serve with a Christ centered & positive attitude at all times?
-Am I willing to leave all negativity at home and not bring it to camp?
- Am I willing to serve where needed and not make camp about myself?
- Am I willing to serve under the leadership God has placed in authority over this camp?
(State Youth & Discipleship director, Spouse, State Youth & Discipleship Board & any
other board of directors)


1. Fill out completed online application below.
2. A background check will be ran.
3. Pastoral Recommendations must be filled out by your local pastor.
(We will send these to your pastor's email you provide)
4. Needed positions will be placed (First come, first placed in desired positions)
5. Final confirmation will be sent to your email after May 15th,
and the above steps have been processed.

*If you need to ask off work, please do so without official confirmation.
Unless the are background or pastoral red flags, you will be accepted as a volunteer.

Fill out my online form.