JUNE 3, 2024


Our heart in doing this very unique day, is that we
offer a camp type experience for parents and campers
that may not be able to experience a week long
experience away from home.

We understand that everyone is unique and some just
need different opportunities to enjoy God's creation.

Our families want to link arms with yours as we
celebrate these children that God has blessed us with.

Whether your camper deals with ASD, OCD, ODD, ADD, ADHD,
Spina Bifida, Seizure Disorders, Hypo/Hypertonia, Sensory Processing,
Disorders, Behavioral Disorders, Mental/Physical Disorders,
Delays of any kind and other needs we want to celebrate each unique camper!

This is a completely free event for campers, parents, other family members
and any caregivers that want to be a part of this day.

Also, if you would like to help serve on this day,
please email us at youthsec@sgacog.org and
let us know you would love to serve on our special needs day!

South Georgia Church of God Campground
Leroy Carver Dr, Tifton, GA 31793

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