How can I register my camper for camp?

Simply find the correct link on our summer camp page to register your student for their particular camp. We've included a link to the registration page below!

Do you have paper applications?

We are trying our best to move to all online only applications. We have done our very best to streamline the registration process. By registering online you not only save yourself time and energy, but allow for us to process your campers application more effectively. If you are local church and feel the need to have paper applications, please email and we will do our best to work with you.

How do I know my balance due?

We are unfortunately not set up to offer any type of camper portal at this time. However if you take the cost of the specific camp you registered for and subtract the $35 dollar deposit, you should get the balance due. Please take in  consideration if you signed up for any canteen cards or t-shirts as the would add to your balance as well.  

We are more than happy to email you your remaining balance if you simply email

Can I pay my balance in full before camp?

Yes! And we strongly encourage it. In fact if you pay your balance in full you will have access to our FAST PASS lane at camp to ensure your campers fastest registration process the day of camp.

If you would like to pay on your remaining balance prior to camp, please email us at and we can send you a direct link with your remaining balance OR
if you know your remaining balance, you can go to our online giving section on our website and pay your balance under the youth & discipleship fund then youth camp.

What is your refund policy?

Full refunds (minus a $35 non-refundable deposits) are offered for all of our camps if canceled 2 weeks prior to the campers week. All refunds will be processed in July or August after our camp season.

Once I’ve registered for a week, what kind of communication will I receive from camp ?

Once you register for camp, you should receive a quick you will be automatically placed on our newsletter email list and that is how we will communicate details about the summer and throughout the year. In May, we will send you a reminder about any balances and remaining forms we may be missing for the summer and will send you a pre-camp email 2 weeks prior to the session. Otherwise, we keep it simple and try not to flood your inbox!

Do you offer camp scholarship or assistance of any kind?

It is our will and desire that every camper that wants to come to camp, have the opportunity to come. We understand that times are extremely tough right now and coming up with extra funds to get your camper may seem like a difficult task.  We encourage you to work with your local churches and pastors to raise the funds to get your campers to camp. If you have done everything on your end, plus email us at We have forms for you and your local pastor to fill out in order to be considered for assistance. 

I would like to bless some campers and donate to help send a camper to camp, how can I donate?

What a blessing it is to be able to help others. Every year we have an abundance of those needing assistance, but need to have those that are willing to assist them financially. If you would like to donate to our youth camp assistance program please follow the link below. 

How can I apply to volunteer to work at camp?

Those sixteen and over can go through our volunteer worker application process using the link below. This does not guarantee an opportunity to serve, the State Youth & Discipleship director, along with the State Youth & Discipleship board reserve the right to make decisions which are in the best interest of the camp as it relates to volunteer staffing needs. 

Can I visit my camper while they are attending camp?

For the safety and protection of all our campers, we do not allow any visitors during the days of camp or to stay overnight.  
We do however, allow for visitors to attend services as long as you sign in at the security tent prior to entering our grounds. If you are visiting for service you will be asked to please leave immediately following service.

Also, please understand all our volunteers are pre-screened with background checks prior to serving camps. They attend training and learn how to operate our camps. We ask that you please under stand that we operate under strict rules and training, especially during services. The leadership of our summer camps hold the right to ask any visitor to leave the grounds immediately  if the visitor is a distraction or hindrance during their visit.