Riding across Georgia
to make an impact around the world.


Want to learn more about our Ride For  Missions ride across Georgia?

Pastors & Leaders from across S.GA are invited to impact Africa by participating in the S.GA Ride 4 Missions!  

Join with others riders from around the state as we endure a 3 day across the state ride, racking up nearly 300 miles in 3 days!
This project will raise needed funds for the 365 Challenge in Zambia which includes establishing a Medical Clinic in Zambia, the BTUC Bible Training College, and other 365 Mission efforts in Zambia.  

By partnering you will make a lasting difference in Zambia and the entire continent of Africa with the 1.4 billion people that live there. 41% of Africa’s population is under the age of 15. That’s over 560 Million teenagers and children in need of hearing the Gospel by meeting their physical, material, and spiritual needs.

Join us as we go after The Last, The Least, and the Lost in Africa with our Epic Bike Ride across the State of Georgia!


To donate to this year's project, click a rider's picture to donate in their honor. 


Kelly Reynolds

Bay Harbour

Total Raised : $1000

Jerry Rewis

The Bridge 

Total Raised: $1466.91

Tabatha Rewis

The Bridge

Total Raised: $1516.91

Bill West 

Bay Harbour 

Total Raised: $1800

Mike Sanes

The Harbor Worship Center

Total Raised : $1990

Daniel Kloss

The Harbor Worship Center 

Total Raised: $1140

Justin Sharpe 

South Georgia Church of God

Total Raised: $1000

Brett Jarriel

Azalea City 

Total Raised:$2293

Alton Carter

Coastal Cathedral

Total Raised : 

Carter Young

Azalea City 

Total Raised: $100

Lorne Crabtree

Fitzgerald COG

Total Raised:$1620

John Harris

Bay Harbour 

Total Raised: $100

Mark Presley

The Harbor Worship Center

Total Raised : $60

Tim Duddleston  

Harbor Worship Center 

Total Raised :  $1018.60

Eric Emerson

Harbor Worship Center 

Total Raised :  $1050


Clayton Dowd

Carpenter Road 

Total Raised : $1030


Gary Lewis

Union Church

Total Raised :  $1000

John Williams

Blackshear Church

Total Raised : $2275

Bobby Williamson

Bay Harbour 

 Total Raised :


Matt Denison

Bay Harbour 

 Total Raised : $6075


Lance Gambrell

Bay Harbour

Total Raised : $100

Mike Plezia

Harbor Worship

Total Raised : $2000

Wayne Spearman

Harbor Worship

Total Raised : $3275

Donte Poston

Harbor Worship

Total Raised : $1040

Marty  Gregorius

Harbor Worship

Total Raised : $1100

Mark Swank

COG World Missions

Total Raised : $1300


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