Women’s Devotion | October 2019



Fall. I just love this time of year. And I’m sure you’ll agree. I look forward to cooler weather, mountain time, apple cider, pumpkins and fall decorations. But it doesn’t last forever. Too quickly another season approaches and as an adult you want the time to slow down, but we know that’s not possible. As a child, I’ll never forget what seemed like the eternal wait from fall break to Christmas. Anticipating that time with family, gifts and traditions that we hold dear. Often, we rush things. Look how soon we have Christmas decorations out in the stores. Too soon in my opinion but I’m learning they don’t ask me.


Winter. Again, another season of sheer joy. The smell of Christmas greenery, decoration, gift giving and let’s not forget the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He’s truly the reason for all the seasons. He came to give us life and give it more Abundantly. (John 10:10) But the first part of that scripture says the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. This is why I chose this topic. Seasons come and go like the wind. They change the atmosphere and sometimes makes us wonder why the tree has to lose its leaves, why the bush must be pruned and cut back. The pain of this process proves to be beneficial to our growth.


Spring. A time of new growth. We’ll see the bare trees begin to bud and flowers bloom. I once had a dear friend give me a potted Cala Lilli. I had planted it in a planter just outside my garage door so every time I would back out of my garage, I would see this beautiful plant. At the end of the season not really knowing the plant would come back the next year, I put a new plant in the planter. Next year, just outside the planter, I began to see this vibrant bright green growth bursting through the ground. Evidently when I put the new plant in, the bulbs from the planter fell to the ground. It was such a treat that I texted my friend that gave me the plant, “look what popped up today.” I would text her regularly about the progress of the plant and remind her that. It was a gift that kept on giving.


When we sold the house, I made sure to tell the new owners of the plant. I didn’t want her to plant something there not realizing that in the right season a beautiful plant would come back. We so often do this in life. We feel that something is dead when it’s only dormant. We get ahead of ourselves and try and make something happen when with only a little time and patience, it will come back again. Back in June, I was reminding my son of this process. Trying to encourage him that though things seem bare and dormant, it’s a time of healing and preparation for what’s ahead. A season of new growth, strength and life. It’s during this time that we must walk or dwell in the Spirit. (Gal. 5:16) This is living by the Spirit’s Power! There have been several times in my life where it was nothing but the comfort or nudging of the Holy Spirit that was getting me through. You make know what I’m talking about: those Sunday mornings on the front pew being the pastor’s wife or even a lay person, not feeling worthy to raise your hand, but then the Holy Spirit shows up and nudges you to praise, to worship, to speak life and blessing. We have to be that open vessel in all the seasons! Regardless of what we’re going through, to be willing to praise our Lord and Savior for his goodness, for our feet hitting the floor this morning and for the victory that’s around the corner. We cannot allow what we’re going through to cause us to shut down.


Summer. Our favorite Season! We were at the beach—our favorite place to relax. I was sitting there when all of a sudden, I heard this little boy calling out, “momma, daddy!” He was frantically searching the beach for them. He had run into the water not really noticing the details of where his family was sitting on the way in. I could see him begin to panic as he kept looking and calling out for his family. And then, just in time, in the distance, I heard his father call out his name. We often do the same thing in life. Running on for what’s ahead not really realizing what we leave behind and, on our way back, lose sight of where we should be. A look of relief came over his face as his eyes found his father because he was just about to lose it. Isn’t that just like our Heavenly Father? He allows us to run in a direction we think is best but will always be there when we come running back, calling his name.


Let me encourage you today to be an open vessel in all the seasons. Remember don’t let what you’re going through cause you to shut down. In those moments we have to invite the Holy Spirit in. In submission is freedom Romans 8:14, “For all who are led by the spirit of God are children of God.” Matthew 11:28, “ Come to me… I will give you rest.” Verse 29 “Take my yoke… let me show you.” Carrying a yoke by yourself is heavy but He says, “take my yoke.” (meaning together we share this yoke). I get to get in the yoke with the Spirit. In your darkest season there will always be a reason to praise.




Melissa “Missy” Faircloth serves along with her husband, Pastor Sean Faircloth, at Living Faith Church in Guyton, Georgia. Missy met Sean at Florida Youth Camp. He proposed at the end of the four weeks and they married three months later. The Faircloth’s have one son, Andrew. Missy has served on the South Georgia Girls Ministries Board and currently serves on the Women’s Ministries Board. She has been a pastor’s wife for 26 years.