Women’s Devotion | May 2019

Straight Talk


In Proverbs 11:14 (The Message) says, “Without good direction people lose their way. The more wise counsel you follow, the better your chances.” This Scripture tells us guidance is important and something we all need. It also points us to wise counsel from Paul in the book of Titus. As Christian women, we have an awesome responsibility according to Titus 2:3. This Scripture tells us to teach women with a godly example. You’ll notice Paul did not direct Titus (the pastor) to train the women in his congregation. Instead, Paul gave Titus instructions to seek out the women who had certain qualifications and let them train other women. Paul was seeking women who exhibited reverent behavior, a guarded tongue and integrity. You may ask why his first qualification was reverent behavior? The definition of reverent means, “feeling or showing deep and solemn respect.” Paul wanted such a woman who had the greatest respect for God in her relationship with Him. A reverent woman had already begun to trust God and let Him lead her in every area of her life. She was willing to do whatever God told her. She was already desiring God’s will above her own. Paul knew that without this reverent behavior, the other qualifications would be very difficult.


Paul went on to tell Titus that these women must have a guarded tongue. This feature is the hardest part of the body to control (and many would probably say it is hardest especially for women!), but nevertheless, godly women must take this qualification seriously. James 3:2-6 tells us that a tongue out of control is a life out of control and both can cause much destruction. Paul was wanting women who told the truth when they spoke. He wanted someone who would build up and encourage others. He wanted women who would walk away from malicious talk such as gossip. Paul wanted a woman who would think before she spoke. There is power of life and death in the tongue. He was also searching for a woman of integrity. Integrity is the quality of having strong moral principles, being trustworthy, noble, etc. It is perhaps the most important principle of leadership because it demands truthfulness and honesty—something we should endeavor to have in our lives. Women with integrity choose to make right choices and to put others’ needs above their own. They show respect to everyone, manifest humility and convey true kindness.


After reading Titus, Paul has challenged every godly woman with a huge responsibility. As we look around in our society and even in our own churches, we have a golden opportunity to bridge the gap between generations. We, as women of God and mothers, have the greatest opportunity to be the woman Titus was seeking. We are none perfect, but we should strive to have these important qualities in our lives and follow the Word of God as spoken in Titus 2. Allow God to use you as a tool to mentor those in your church, work place and family. Our society wants to see your walk with the Lord sometimes more than the words you say. Since we have received wise counsel and good direction through these Scriptures, we have a better chance to do the things that God has called us to do. The challenge is yours to put the Word into action! If you are not possessing these qualities, ask for God to help develop you in this area. Our society as well as our church folks need to be taught about godly principles such as being reverent, guarding our tongues and having integrity. You, my friends, are the vessel God is wanting to use. May God bless you as you accept this challenge to train and mentor others!



Faye Womack serves alongside her husband, Bud Womack, Lead Pastors at Life Point Church in Americus, Georgia for 20 years. The Womack’s have been married for 30 years and have two beautiful daughters, Kayla Dupree and Kelsey Womack and an awesome son-in-law, Earl Dupree.   Faye works in the Accounts Payable and Human Resource Department at the Schley County School System. She enjoys spending time with her family as well as her church family.