Women’s Devotion | July 2019

Kill Britt or Make Me Happy 

Lord, I give you complete control of my life. Lead and guide and direct my steps as You see fit.
Famous last words…. I had no idea at the time the turn that my life would take after I prayed those words.


I grew up in Texas as the daughter of a baseball coach, teacher, rancher, school superintendent, book publisher, Southern Baptist preacher. My father wore many hats (quite literally), and therefore, we moved A LOT. I attended 10 schools in my 12 years. So, when I say I am from Texas, I mean I am from the whole State of Texas. My father believed in being adventurous, trying new things, and using a pencil to record our current address.


My brother, sister, and I shared some great experiences. We lived on a South Texas Ranch when I was in the 2nd grade. The school bus would only go so far out of town to pick us up and drop us off, so my mother would meet us at the stop. One day, she couldn’t make it in time, so she had my dad come to get us. He did… in a helicopter! He was out doing the deer census that week, so the pilot landed the chopper in the middle of the road in front of the yellow school bus. Too bad we were the last stop! The only one who saw it was the bus driver!


When I was in the 6th grade, we lived in Odessa, Texas-Home of the Permian Panthers. My father was the baseball coach and assistant football coach of the team that was represented in the movie “Friday Night Lights”. I fell in love with football which has carried over to my life today, only now I yell “Goooooo Dawgs! Sic ‘Em!”


In college, I studied Psychology and Social Work. Then, I changed my major to Physical Therapy. Then, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. The only thing I knew for certain is that I wanted to attend Texas A&M University. So, my parents told me to come home and attend the local Junior College for a semester, then I could transfer to A&M. So, I did. During this time, I worked a part-time job with a lady who pastored a small church in town. She and I would talk about the Lord every time we were together, and I began to really seek the Lord for His will for my life. It was here that I prayed those words: God take over my life. Two weeks later, she tells me that she has this young evangelist coming to preach a revival at her church and she thinks we would really hit it off.

Enter Britt Peavy.

That was November of 1993. We spent those 2 weeks talking and getting to know each other.

December 1993: I go to Georgia to meet his family and spend 2 weeks.

February 1994: I go back to Georgia for 2 weeks – we get engaged.

March 1994: We get married.


Now, remember, I was raised moving every year or two. I was used to picking up and going somewhere new. This did not seem like anything new to me, until I had to say goodbye to my little Texas Grandma as we were driving away from the church. I had been be-bopping around all day, happy-go-lucky, oblivious to the fact that I would soon be leaving my family, my friends, and my home to be with this man that I had known all of 4 months and had only been around for 6 weeks!


So, I began to cry. For three hours, I cried. I could not stop crying. Poor Britt. He’s on his honeymoon with a girl who won’t stop crying! He finally pulled the car over to just let me cry. He seemed so sweet and sensitive, until you discover from him that he was thinking the whole time, “Did I shave my legs for this?”


We spent a week making our way back to Georgia stopping off in beautiful places like San Antonio, New Orleans, and Stapleton, Alabama (My Aunt Jody’s house). After we made it to my new home, which was 1300 miles away from my mom and dad (and right next door to his), we jumped right back into Britt’s life of preaching revivals each week. Now remember, I was raised Southern Baptist. I am now the evangelist’s wife in a Pentecostal denomination. I was expected to sing, play the piano, and lay hands on people! I did not sing. I did not play the piano. And, I certainly did not lay hands on people! But my husband never pushed me to do anything or be anything other than myself. I am still so thankful for his wisdom and patience.


After about a year and a half of being removed from everything familiar, I realized that I still had not adjusted to this new life. Nothing was the same: the church, the style of worship, the landscape, the family, the friends. So, I spoke to The One who never changes. The One who is always the same. The One who told me that He would never leave me or forsake me and that He would go with me to the ends of the Earth. Did that include Georgia? So, I prayed. I told Him everything that I was thinking and feeling. And it went something like this: “God, when I said, ‘I do’, I meant it. I do not believe in divorce. But this is not working. So, the way I see it, we have 2 options. You can either kill Britt, or You can make me happy!”


There were no external changes that day. I was not miraculously picked up and placed back in Texas, nor was Britt struck by lightning. But my perspective changed that day. Do you know what I learned? I learned that God hears us when we call. I learned that when nothing else is familiar, God is always the same. And, I learned that God speaks and understands all languages, even Texan. I realized that God knew where I was and that He was right there with me. I realized that God did not just listen to the prayers of the old precious saints, but that He listened to me! And, I learned that God had placed me in a wonderful family (although we are still praying for Barry!).


Fast forward about 12 years: Britt and I are doing premarital counseling with a couple before their upcoming wedding. Britt asked me if I wanted to share anything. I knew that the groom-to-be had been divorced before, and statistically if someone has been divorced, the chances of divorce happening again increase drastically. So, I felt led to share this story to make the point that even when things are tough, we must have our minds made up that we are in it for keeps. The problem is, about halfway through the story I remembered that I had never shared this story with Britt. So, when I finished, he whips his head around to me and emphatically says, “WELL, I’M GLAD TO KNOW THAT ‘KILL BRITT’ WAS OPTION A!”  Yeah, so we needed counseling after that session….

Kristal Peavy is the wife of Pastor Britt Peavy. They have been married for 25 years and have served at West Ward Church of God in Douglas, GA for the last 10 years. They have two amazing children. Their 15-year-old daughter Kadi sings in the Coffee High School Chorus and is the Sunshine of the family. Their 17-year-old son Kameron is a dual enrollment student working on completing his Associates Degree by the time he graduates high school and is the one who keeps everyone on track! Kristal has her Doctorate Degree in Education and currently teaches gifted and honors math at Coffee Middle School. She loves reading, working in her yard, and spending time with her family. Her favorite scripture is Romans 12:2, “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.”