Women’s Devotion | January 2019

We Are More Than Conquerors 

“In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.”
– Romans 8:37 NIV

Joshua stood facing the wall of Jericho–the only thing keeping him from entering the Promised Land. What is standing in the way of the promise that God has given you? It can be anything from finances, to your marriage, children, or your circumstances. God has given each of us a promise and as Scripture declares, we are made conquerors through Him.


We all have obstacles or challenges that may delay or keep us from the promise or the purpose God has given us. Instead of focusing on those things, we must stay focused on the promise. Whatever gets your attention gets you. It consumes you. The more you focus on the obstacle, the more significant it seems. If Joshua had not refocused, Jericho would never have fallen. What do you need to overcome the battle? If you are focused on your Jericho, refocus and look up!


Have you been asking God to help you? Have you been making demands or bargains for God to take your Jericho down? The Lord wants to step in and deliver you, but first, God needs you to stop and surrender. Joshua was called to worship before God planned to step in and lead him to victory. To be a conqueror means that we are VICTORIOUS over the adversary.


God told Joshua to, “be still and know that I am God.” It’s time to ask God to show you the areas He may want you to change. After Joshua surrendered, his prayer changed from, “Help me” to a prayer of surrendering to God’s will. Joshua had to be persistent in his faith. When he marched around the wall the seventh time, he was commanded to ‘shout out’ in worship. Joshua got to a place where he fell on his face and worshipped God.


The reason we attend church service, read the Bible, pray, and/or attend a small group is because these actions help us to refocus and look up. We must remember the battles we face are spiritual battles. When facing a spiritual battle, the key is to worship first. Worship before the war. When we worship God, we see Him for who He really is. It is in worship that we experience God in all His love, goodness, and power. After worship, we must then act on our faith.


As you are facing your Jericho step back, refocus, surrender to Christ, and exercise your faith. Remember, you are a conqueror through Christ. We are entering a new year. Please take this time to refocus on a ‘new’ you. I challenge you to return your focus to a true heart of worship– to an authentic, intimate communion with Christ. Christ desires you!



Dawn Stone is married to Bishop Brandon Stone. Together they have served in ministry for 12 years. She serves alongside her husband at Christian Union Church of God in Ashburn. They have two children- Landon and Annaleigh. As a family, they love to be able to actively share Jesus’ message of hope and love to those that are hurting. Dawn serves as the Women’s Ministry President and it is her desire to see her women walk in the FREEDOM of Christ. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family, cooking, shopping, and relaxing at the beach.