(to commit oneself to something)

SGA Black Ministries will facilitate opportunities to engage in  worship and discussion thereby making a loving commitment to one another. (Eccl. 4:9 NLT: Col. 3:14 NLT)

(to stimulate by assistance, approval, etc.)

SGA Black Ministries will bring encouragement to leaders and lay people. (2 Chr. 35:2 AMP; Acts 15:32 NLT)

(to qualify by instruction or training for a particular calling)

SGA Black Ministries will present and offer opportunities to educatepastors, ministers and churches on how to minister and reach the different cultures in their churches and communities. Teaching how to embrace and celebrate different cultures while keeping a balance in your ministry by being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and throwing religion and learned prejudices out. Also, working along with state directors to offer educational opportunities to everyone that will cultivate excellence and a flow of anointing. (Acts 7:22 AMP)

(to give intellectual or spiritual light to)

SGA Black Ministries will endeavor to facilitate opportunities to enlighten or impart knowledge to churches that are desiring to reach all people in their diverse communities. (Eph. 3:9 AMP)


(to present to view; exhibit; display)

SGA Black Ministries purpose is to expose anointed ministers and pastors around our state to minister at conferences, revivals and special services. We want to connect with and display those who have the anointing of God and give them an opportunity to minister. (2 Chronicles 30:22 NLT)


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